Assistance for International Artists

If you want to make the move to the United States as a performer, either to work or study (or both) there are a lot of steps in the process. It can feel intimidating, and sometimes even a little overwhelming.

You don't have to do it alone.

I've been through some difficult phases in my journey, because I didn't have anyone to ask for help. I have been through the trial and error of this journey, so you don't have to! (you're welcome.)


▸service is available worldwide.

▸in-person meetings are available in New York City only.

February 9th, 2017 - The day I conquered (almost) all fears and moved to New York City

February 9th, 2017 - The day I conquered (almost) all fears and moved to New York City


"Getting advice and assistance from Maya made the huge leap I did a lot less scary.

She knows all the who's and why's, and I think it's amazing she is sharing these with the world.

She does it with all her heart, with dedication and devotion. She made everything clearer, and much more calm."

- Eden Azar • Holon, Israel

now lives in Manhattan, NY

"Maya has been inspiring me and encouraging me since the day we met. She is the master of getting things done.

Anyone would be lucky to have her by their side, especially those making a big change like moving to the United States."

- Bethanie Lyon • Nashville, TN

 "The most important thing for me was to get first-hand information. Maya was kind and gracious, and I'm so grateful she was willing to share her personal experience with me.

She is the perfect person to reach out to when you need guidance and assistance for studying abroad."

- Sharon Kaniel  •  Tel Aviv, Israel

Let's Work Together

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